Quick Answer: Who Do We Call Niece?

What is the child of a niece or nephew called?

grand-nieceYour grand-niece (the child of your niece or nephew) is two generations away from you, and your great-grand-niece (the grandchild of your niece or nephew) is three generations away..

What do you call your mother’s niece?

Your mother’s niece is your first cousin. You are in the same generation, so your first cousin’s daughter is one generation removed from you.

How can I call my niece?

She would be your great-niece or grand-niece and you would typically address her by name or as “niece” if you are trying to make a point. As “my great-niece” or “my grand-niece” when speaking to others.

What is your niece’s child called?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines great-nephew as “A son of one’s nephew or niece” 4 and grandnephew as “Another term for great-nephew.”