Question: What Is The Moral Of His First Flight?

What is the moral of two stories about flying?

This story is based on the inner strength one is having, which can make that person very strong but when a person is not aware about his inner strength or is afraid of taking his first step then sometimes this inner strength gets perish out.

So, we should always dare to do new things rather than overthinking..

What two things made the pilot happy?

1. The pilot was happy as he escaped from the huge black clouds which look like a mountains. 2. There was an another pilot struck in the clouds who could help him.

Why did pilot think of going back to Paris?

The pilot thought of going back to Paris because he saw storm clouds as he was flying. They were huge and looked like black mountains across the sky. The pilot knew that he could not fly over them and there was not sufficient fuel to fly around them to the north or the south.

What is the message conveyed through the incident related in the black Aeroplane?

Answer: the only message that is conveyed through this story is always trust on your own on the time of difficulty only you can help yourself..

Why is black Aeroplane called Strange?

The Black aeroplane was called strange because it was present without light on his wings and the aeroplane was totally black.

What is the moral of the story the Black Aeroplane?

We should not lose hope in life. Even in the worst possible scenarios we should be able to see light at the end of the tunnel. If we take risks and face challenges with grit, determination and perseverance, we can face any storm and get rewarded with a rainbow. The Almighty sees everything but at times He waits.

What made the pilot happy?

Explanation: In the short story ‘Black Aeroplane’, a pilot was flying home from Paris to London. He was very happy to be back with his family, his home, to be able to enjoy the warm and delicious breakfast when he reached. Having been carried away in his thoughts he had lost track of his path in the sky.

Why does the pilot say it was an easy flight was it really so?

Answer: It was the narrator’s own self that helped him through the storm. There was no other plane in the storm as the woman at the control centre could see only his plane on the radar. …

What food did the seagull’s mother get for it?

Answer. Answer: The young seagulls were afraid of flying over sea, the young seagull’s mother tore a fish piece at her feet and compelled to fly over the sea to get the food.

Which country was the pilot flying over?

FranceSummary in English- Two Stories About Flying Part-II. The writer of this story is a pilot. One night he was flying his old Dakota aeroplane over France. It was a starry night.

Why did the pilot decide to fly through the clouds?

The pilot was lost in a storm and he had also lost his compass for navigation. Hence, he decides to take a dangerous step as it was his only option. He flew through the dark storm cloud hoping that he would then escape the storm and reach home for breakfast the next morning.

What difficulties did the narrator face while flying?

Q2. What difficulties did the narrator face while flying in the storm ? Ans: The difficulties that the narrator faced were that all the instruments of his aeroplane were stopped working. He could not see any thing as there were dark clouds all around.

What message do the two stories about flying convey to you?

The story conveys the message that one learns by taking courage and not by sitting idle. A young seagull is fed lovingly by his parents. But when the time comes for him to fly, he feels afraid. His parents try many tricks to teach him to fly.

Who was the black Aeroplane?

The Black Aeroplane by Frederick Forsyth About the AuthorAuthor NameFrederick ForsythBorn25 August 1938 (age 81 years), Ashford, United KingdomYears of service1956–1958Movies and TV showsThe Day of the Jackal, The Odessa File, MOREAwardsEdgar Award for Best Novel, Cartier Diamond Dagger, MORE1 more row•Jun 20, 2020